nestbox nesting

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    Parrotlets moving into an outdoor aviary

    Hi all, I'm new to this page and wondered if anyone could offer me some advice please? :) I have 2 Parrotlets (approx 9 months old) they currently live indoors however we'd like to move them to an outdoor aviary. We've ordered a lovely big new home for them and now i'm trying to plan what...
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    Breeding Box

    Hi, Could you kindly suggest a good breeding box for Eclectus please? Because on the net i'm seeing a good variety of boxes and each box is claimed to be the best :-( Regards, Etienne
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    How does my Parrot's nest box look? I made it! There's a picture!

    View image: jj I haven't finished yet. That rectangle hole is for the flap i need to get with the hinge. On the side lenhth i will drill a 5 inch hole and put a perch under it. But is my box too tall?????? I followed the book, instructions I made it 35 Inches tall but its too tall!! Do you...