1. C

    How can i remove nest box from my female eclectus?

    Hi i bring up couple of eclectus(not for breeding), and its first time laying eggs. i think my parrot failed to hatching, because more than a month has passed. i'm trying to remove nest box, but female eclectus dosen't show up her whole body outside(just her head!) so i can't pick her out. How...
  2. Trebor1

    African Grey clutch of three, do I remove the male?

    I'm worried that the male might harm the eggs, the male enters the nest box and don't know if I should remove him and leave the female alone. Does anyone have any information regarding that. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. G

    Please I need your help concerning Nestbox Size

    Hey, is it okay to use this nestbox for my parakeets couple ? basically it's a cockatiel nestbox but it's the best I can find in my area concerning the quality of wood and the size, it's a bit large for a parakeet I guess but would it be a problem ? I also found a...
  4. H

    Just laid an egg and not sitting, is this ok?

    My African Grey girl just laid an egg (which may have been fertilised by the boy, although she did lay 2 blanks a few years ago) and she isn't sitting on it. She laid it on the floor of the lounge when she was out playing. I moved the egg into a nestbox in her aviary, then put her into the...
  5. A

    Budgies won’t even go into their nesting box!

    So I have three budgies and I want to breed the two. There are two males and a female. One of the males is already bonded and preening and feeding each other. The nesting box has been in there for about two and a half months and there is no sign of the female ever going inside of it. There is...