new cockatiel

  1. Raveien

    Moody behaviour in a female cockatiel?

    Hello :) I got a female cockatiel beginning of November last year and when I got her she was between 9-10 months old. So we've had Loki had for just over 2 months at this point, I've given her a birthday of 3rd February as that'll mark 3 months since we got her. She was hand reared and was hand...
  2. Remi2005

    New tiel when is it safe to let him out of his cage?

    I recently bought a new cockatiel (6 month old Male). He was used to sitting in his cage for all of his life and I want to know how many days does it take for them to get accustomed to a new environment so I can let him out? We already have a 2 year old female lutino cockatiel and she is allowed...
  3. S

    New and excited

    Hi everyone, meet my new addition Malibu! Very friendly, steps up already, loves coming out for cuddles and is a big sook (hungry all the time), but I love him :) Not sure of the sex yet but hopefully I find out soon. Such a character! Thanks :yellow1: