new here

  1. CherokeeFlats

    Hello from Farmer City, IL

    Hello everyone, I am super excited to be here. I have a lot of critters here on the farm including a male Cockatiel named REN and 2 babies I am handfeeding because their mama passed away the day they hatched. I have no clue why. They are growing and doing great! Check out my profile for more...
  2. R

    Hello! I am Jenn, and Ruby is my new Pineapple Conure companion!

    New here, meet Ruby the Pineapple Conure. We are just figuring each other out.
  3. M

    Hi we’re new here

    Hi everyone, We’re new here. We being my Blue Quaker Sugar Cookie, and me, mikki. Sugar for short is 5 months old. Almost 6. I call her a girl because of her size. She’s small for a Quaker, weighing in at 78 grams. Vet said she 100 percent fine. All her blood word is great. She’s just...
  4. R

    New here from England!

    Hey everyone! My name's Estella and I'm currently in the process of doing final prepping for bringing home a baby tiel :yellow1: I've found so many posts on here helpful by lurking (thank you!) so I thought I might as well join :) I plan to perhaps foster/adopt other birdies in the future...
  5. awfulwarlock

    hello, new here

    hello, new here thought it might be useful for help and advice with my lovebirds see you around