1. I

    They are pet rocks

    I’ve seen some people refer to eclectus as boring, “display” birds that never move except to eat and poop! Is this true? Do they just sit there? I feel like this is rooted in a lack of appropriate care and attention but I want to hear some other opinions because I really love these birds (I’m...
  2. M

    I am new here...

    Hi, really appreciate any helps from you guys:white1::white1::white1:
  3. tytbody

    nother newbie to the forums

    Hi all, i was recommended to this site by someone who might inherit a parrot. She told me not to get one because they are a life long investment. hum.. I think I know that. I feel that way about all the pets that people acquire but i do know birds are at the top of the chain for longevity in...
  4. Amps


    Hey, wanted to wait until I got my bird to post my introduction, and now that I'm finally the proud owner of a tiel, I'd say it's about time to write one up. First off, about me: I'm a 16 year old girl who bums off my parents ( just kidding, I live 45 minutes out of the city, and they haven't...