night frights

  1. S

    HELP cockatiel consistently freaking out

    This is my first time using this website so sorry if anything is wrong. My cockatiel, for nearly all her life, has thrown these random fits of freaking out, flailing her wings, bouncing around the cage, etc. I?ve read about night frights but I?m truly concerned that something else might be...
  2. B

    Trouble covering bird cage at night

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread so I'd like to greet everyone at the forum and pose a question! I've had a pair of young budgies for about a week now and while they're slowly adjusting to their new home a constant issue has been getting the little guys to bed at night. I live in a...
  3. reeisconfused

    HELP - Night frights

    Honey has been getting a lot of night frights these days. He will become terrified, fall off, flap his wings and SCREAM for me. I have to take him out to calm him down. This is the second night in the row this has happened. Even when I put him back, he prefers staying at the bottom of the cage...
  4. GreenBelle

    Night Spazz? Please help!

    Last year around this time my Rose Crown Conure, Phortue, would wake up in the night shrieking and flapping around her cage. I would try to calm her down, talk to her, and either she'd stop for the night or do it again a few hours later. I took her to the vet and he told me to try different...
  5. U2Chloe

    Cage cover vs curtains?

    I have a 15 year old female umbrella cockatoo, Chloe. Chloe's cage is in an upstairs room with gauzy curtains on the windows. I don't have a sleeping cage or a cage cover for her, and that's mostly because of my weird work schedule. I work nights so I leave the house at 4pm and get home just...