1. C

    Good Morning

    new to the forum here, I see many discussions on food. I am an an avid Harrison's user and swear by it. Organic ingredients, no artificial colors like other brands. Love seeing the other Harrison's users educate many owners. Very cool to see.
  2. C

    Can I Feed My Parrot Chicken Feed?

    I started a flock of chickens this year (they are outside, Misty is inside) and discovered that their Dumor Layer-Mix Granules is almost EXACTLY the same as the Zoopreme parrot pellets, and the Dumor Organic line of chicken feed is an even CLOSER match!! the only ingredients Zoopreme has that...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Help. Which Cookable Food Brands Does Your Conure Like?

    I'm losing my marbles looking at all the choices online. Please share which brands/varieties of store or internet purchased cookable foods are favorites of your fids. I read the many wonderful recipes to make my own, but for now, I want to have a high quality, nutritious, tasty warm food...