1. artenemis

    Heavy Baby Conure??

    Hi, so 5 days ago i got this baby Green Cheek Conure hatched on the 23rd of December and we have been constantly feeding her and keeping track of her weight and amount of food she eats so as to be able to note significant changes in her diet and whatnot.. but we also noticed that she averages a...
  2. O

    Overweight and bored YNA, but encouraging activity leads to weight gain or fear!

    I have an overweight (~565g, should be ~525g) and bored ~30 year old female YNA. I have read through the stickied Amazon posts, and I can't figure out how to fix boredom without weight gain. The vet says I can no longer cut food and need to get my bird to be active. The active behaviors I want...
  3. H

    overweight budgie, please help

    Hello. I have a budgie who is 9 years old and he can't fly. He is also overweight. Last year I found him sitting in the corner of the cage and he wasn't moving. My parents took him to a vet and he stayed here for 3 days. When he came back he was like a completely different bird. He was so slim...
  4. ct92404

    Chipper needs to lose weight. Help please!

    I took my parakeet, Chipper, to the vet a couple of days ago to get her claws trimmed. They always weigh birds whenever you bring them in, which I like. But it turns out Chipper is WAY overweight. (The vet tech said she's "a little chunky"). I knew she has been getting a little chubby, but I...
  5. S

    Obese BF Zon!

    Hi, I just recently took in a BF Zon (name is Del) as a foster and the poor girl is severely overweight! She came in at almost 1000 grams and got down to 800 grams in her first foster home. Backstory: an elderly woman was give the parrot when it was a year old. For the next 9 years Del was...