1. V

    Help! Quaker bird left outside by old owner need help asap

    Ok so I live in Yonkers,NY and my neighbor across the street left their quaker outside in the cold. As an human being who actually cares about animals, I quickly brought him/her into my home. Now I know nothing about parrots or owning one. So I've been calling around all day today to find a...
  2. F

    5 Things to prepare before getting a parrot!

    These are the 5 things we think is important to consider before bringing a new feathered baby home. I know I've missed a few things, please feel free to comment and add! Definitely need to update the video later, but these are some of the things I felt were important after helping out some of...
  3. Neenie


    Hi I'm new to the forum, I'm a mum of 2girls & 2 boys(humans),nana to 2boys ,1girl and parront to 7, have worked in zoos, pet shops,kennels etc, my own mum used to tell me by the age of 5 I was out rescuing baby birds that had fallen from nests etc, my days of having aviaries and breeding etc...