parrot cage

  1. C

    Kings double macaw cage NEW

    $1195.00 platinum powder coat finish light grey color Kings Cages Side-By-Side Extra Large Bird Cage 64? x 32″ x 70″ high inside height 61″ 1″ bar spacing 5mm bar thickness 289 LBS Brand New Never Used *Assembled Pick up in Tampa
  2. N

    Parrot-Sitting Advice, Please!

    Hello everyone! I just signed up for this forum in hopes that I can get some swift advice. I am currently watching over two parrots while a friend of my roommate's sister moves out of state. She estimates she will need me to watch them for a few months but is also open to permanent adoption...
  3. GracelynNBirds

    Galah Bird cage help?

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys are having a wonderful evening! I was looking at Galah bird cages/ cockatoo cages and ran onto this site called jet or something. And I found some AMAZING PRICES!! I could not believe it. I wanted to ask does anyone trust their company, or know anything about...
  4. Anniele27

    Cage Help?

    I have a 7 month old congo african grey named Ava. Her parents were both wild caught and fairly large and at 4 months old when we got her she was already almost double the size of the congos in the other clutch ( they were hatched only days after her) and she was about the same size as the some...
  5. A

    Indoor Cage or Bird Aviary

    I am getting a blue and yellow Macaw but need help whether I should get a bird cage or avairy, so any advice would be appreciated and suggestion of aviaries would also be appreciated?