parrot help

  1. LOkiiii

    Help: Tail Feathers

    Hi everyone, I am new but I frequently go here always for any information about parrots and its always wonderful to see so much information from bird owners. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me identify if this is a problem that I should bring to a vets attention, my conure has...
  2. A

    Cat Proof Door?

    I need help! I am getting a parrot soon, and he or she will live in my room. I also have two cats. How can I "cat proof" my door so that my cats can't get into my room? For some reason they feel compelled to go into my room.:gcc::confused:
  3. N

    Two houses help?

    I have been really thinking about potentially getting a bird!:greenyellow: I've done my research and know about the commitment, the only problem is my housing situation. I currently am still in school and live with my parents, and they are divorced and have shared custody of me. I switch houses...
  4. S

    My Female Lays 1 Egg Every One Week Help!

    Hi im new to this forum thing but I have a problem, my parrot lays 1 egg after 1 week, so far she has laid 3 eggs and its been 3 weeks since the first. Anything we are doing wrong? please help thanks.:white1::blue2:
  5. B

    Frustrated Birdy Mum

    So things are not going well with Baby. Like with every animal I get, I always take them into the vet as soon as I can so I can catch any possibly diseases they could have and nip it in the butt so to speak. Since I am still in contact with Baby's previous owners, I asked for vet records...