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    Environmental Enrichment Survey

    Hello parrot people, Purdue University veterinarians Drs. Grier & Ogata, are conducting an academic survey about the use of environmental enrichment for companion parrots (psittacine birds). Your help will strengthen the results of their study, allowing us to learn more about our feathered...
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    Introducing Myself

    Hello there everyone!:orange: My name is Molly. I have an 8 year old Sun Conure named Mango. I got her as a hatchling and she's my best feather friend. My husband and I also have 2 dogs and fishies. I have a pit mix named Meekah and a husky mix named Luna. Some fish have names. We have a fire...
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    We want to feature your birds!

    We are a budding online magazine, scheduled to post our very first publication within the next few months, but we need your help! We will be featuring interviews with avian vets, species profiles, trick and training tips, birdie recipes and more! But on top of that, we hope to feature bird...
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    Obsessed with biting clothing

    Echo is a 22yo Eclectus male that I adopted about 5 months ago. He has plucked his feathers for the last 18 years (as reported by his past owner). When I got him, he did not play with any toys. He had toys in his cage, but he ignored them. I bought new toys, he ignored them too. I started...