pattagonian conure

  1. Jferrand526

    First Blood Feather

    So like the title suggests I have had my first blood feather experience. Maverick, my pattagonian conure had the blood feather and with no avian vets around me that were open and no bird stores open I had to pull it out quickly because he was bleeding so much. Ultimately my sister pulled it...
  2. Jferrand526

    Maverick lunging and biting

    Maverick, my pattagonian conure bit me for the first time today. Oh gosh it hurt so bad but he didn’t make me bleed at all and apologized afterwards. I had him on my hand around my mom and we were also in sight of his cage and he delivered a bite. I had to ice it and even after I did it still...
  3. Jferrand526

    Pattagonian Conure

    Hello everyone! I recently posted a thread about Echo and his plucking problem. Luckily his owner was in town and chose to come see him and I explained that he started plucking and after seeing her we are convinced its because he loves her and misses her. My friend has gotten permission to...