1. Mango the Sun Conure

    Any advice on transitioning a bird from seeds to pellets?

    Hi, Everyone I’m transitioning my conure diet from seed to pellets. When I got him he was just eating a seed mix. I know it takes time for birds to get used to pellets. I’ve tried to slowly introduce it by mixing it with his seed mixture. I’ve also tried different pellet brands but I’ve notice...
  2. angleajang

    How do I chose the right pellet for my linnie?

    I have no idea how I can research on what is the most healthy pellet or supplement for my linnie Based on a blog post that I found I have chosen vetafarm md pellets, roudybush maintenance or caitec oven fresh bites for pellet but this is not my own research and I don't know whether they're...
  3. SoberParrots

    RoundyBush Pellets

    Is roundy bush still a good option for pellets? I mix them with seeds and my bird does enjoy them. I did see an Amazon review saying they changed the formula to a more unhealthier choice. I’m not sure to believe it or not. Thoughts?