1. F

    Helpful Info for Aspiring Bird Owners? :)

    Hello everyone! I could use your help. :) I am a small parrot owner and animal enthusiast who spends a lot of time and effort researching and caring properly for my companion animals. I am an advocate for animal awareness and well-being, and this has spurred me to write a paper on "Pet Store...
  2. happycat

    Hand raised at Petco? & just held a bird for the first time! :D

    I went to Petco a few days ago and a lady that works there knows my mom and she let me in to look at the parrots! Yay! Ive never held a parrot and she let the conures on me! They were soo cuddly and sooo adorable and soft!! I want them even more now! I love how warm and soft they were. But she...