1. D

    Petsmart store smells so bad... Did my Bird died because of PetSmarts Odor?

    Today, a week ago my precious Dino pass away. Last week Thursday, I woke up and Dino flew up into my bed, right in front of my face and woke me up. We cuddle with each other (like every morning) and I fall asleep kissing him and him kissing me back. Little that I know that it would be the...
  2. veimar

    Please advise ASAP!

    I just registered at this forum to ask a question. I'm not a parrot owner (I had two pet crows in past - that's the only birds I had). We stepped by Petsmart with my hubby yesterday to get some supplies for our baby rats, and there was this Green Cheek Conure there… Alone, so sad and kinda...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Petsmart's New Bird Habitats - Terrible

    I stopped in today specifically to see what birds they had there. The new cage display is like a big glas box. The older ones were a little higher so the birds were at a better height for THEM, and there wasn't a solid glass barrier that seems practically sound proof. When staff wants to...