1. Playful Sunday.jpeg

    Playful Sunday.jpeg

    Chico playing in his playtree. Killing that bell!
  2. Parotteer

    Is this way of playing with my parrot okay?

    Hello. Good morning from the Netherlands. Chico is my one year old Amazon who's been with me for about a month now. We're getting along really well and we're having a great time together. Chico is very playful and I like that very much. He has lots of things he can play with. He also likes to...
  3. ingkeu

    Biting as "playing"?

    I have a male blue-throated conure, he's about 7-months old. I understand that messing around and being everywhere is a normal thing for such a young bird. The problem is, from what I can see, he "likes" to go to my dad and bite him when he [dad] accosts him [bird] by "tickling". Sorry for...
  4. G

    Help from Cockatoo Owners?

    Hi everyone. I am an undergraduate student doing work on cockatoo play behaviour. I will be working with 12 hand-reared individuals in a lab but will have very limited time so I don't think I will be able to do pilot testing. So I would like to know if parrot owners (specifically Goffin...
  5. veimar

    What weird games your parrots like to play with you?

    Hi, I just wanted to start this thread about games your parrots like to play with you - the games that THEY initiate. :) I started thinking about this after Coco, my lovebird, invented a really weird game with me. She loves to open the kitchen cabinets and to go inside, and she gets overly...
  6. S

    Tiel Toys and Treats?

    Hey guys! I posted a thread yesterday about my toy-pineapple-loving cockatiel that hates hands. He loves his pineapple so much that I can place him in one room, hide his pineapple in my pocket, walk a couple rooms away, hold the pineapple up and he will fly right for it. Its really cute. I call...
  7. W

    New member - First bird - Scarlet Macaw

    Hi team ! New member here - Stephen - all the way from Scotland :-) Just got myself my very first bird - not parrot - bird - A scarlet macaw Before anyone says OMG what are you doing, start small etc etc i have done ever so well thus far. Scarlet is 13 month old & i have had her 4 weeks. She...
  8. Lita

    Finally Playing!

    Reginald is finally playing! He turned one in early February of this year, but until very, very recently, he hated toys. He'd chew on a couple for a few days, then ignore them. He loves to beat up on bells, but that was it. And he loved to throw things on the ground. I had tried ropes, bells...
  9. Peppers And Feathers

    Peppers And Feathers

    I love this pic. Cinnamon eating a pepper and Cheeky taste testing Cinnamon
  10. Peppers And Feathers

    Peppers And Feathers

    I love this pic. Cinnamon eating a pepper and Cheeky taste testing Cinnamon
  11. Home Made Toy Basket

    Home Made Toy Basket

    i bought the basket and rope and wood beads at Michaels craft store...they seem to like it
  12. Kingsley_greencheek

    Why is my greencheek obsessed with my hair?

    My little 9 week old greencheek, Kingsley, is very shy with hands, but for some reason he LOVES hopping onto my head and rustling around in my hair- biting it, rolling around in it- just being a total weirdo in general. Why do you think this is? It's not really a problem and I'm glad he's at...