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    Can someone who works full time have a bird? Also asking about birds who have plucked most of their feathers out.

    Hello, do most people who have birds have stay-at-home jobs, or no job? There is a plucked goffin cockatoo at a local rescue who caught my eye. I would love to be able to give her a happier life. I'm ok if she's not hand tame, and I know she may never regrow her feathers, and I'm ok with...
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    Molting or Plucking?

    Hi friends, I’ve had my Ekkie boy for over a month now. It’s going as well as one can expect. He’s done some great work with starting target training and about two weeks ago I started to convert his diet from Pretty Bird Eclectus Specific Diet to the Birdtricks Pellets (same as TOPS, gifted to...
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    Keiko's progress!!!

    hey guys!! so here's an update on keiko the lsc2 that i brought home about a month ago!! he has been progressing well and plucking has stopped(fingers crossed!). at least i haven't seen him pluck anymore~ he steps up and we've taught him some tricks in addition to stuff he already knows :D will...
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    He's Home!!!!

    Finally finally~ it been just a little more than a month ago that i saw tis fella there and my heart can be at peace now since HE'S AT HOME WITH ME!!!:D first thing i did was shower him when we came back and thankfully the weather was good. but the shower just made the plucked parts more...