1. D

    Mating Plucking...Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I need some help with my splendid parakeets. I have a pair of one and a half year old male and female splendid parakeets that I got about two months ago. When I first got them the male started pulling feathers off the female and she let him know in no...
  2. U

    Chewing problem :(

    Hello, I have a Yellow naped male amazon of 6 years old (that's what the previous owner told me). I think he's older, but I juge from appearence. I bough him 5 months a go with some chest feathers missing. He costed me $500 which is strange. The owner sayed she just wanted to get rid of...
  3. P

    Plucking Questions

    I know there are a ton of these threads, but I have some specific questions regarding my 'toos. Bird, my triton, came to me in 2011 as a plucker, but never plucked while he was with me until recently. We did move in December but he didn't start plucking again until April-May. Chula, my...
  4. I

    Please tell me this is molting :(

    Recently I've been finding a lot of white feathers and green feathers (the entire feather--no blood) at the bottom of Morgan's cage. The other day when he flew to his cage one of his tail feathers fell out as well. I'm really worried that he might have started to pluck (I've been working a lot...
  5. S

    Opinion on Adoption

    I am former owner of an old adopted conure named Peter. He died about a year and a half ago of old age. I have recently started looking to adopt a new conure, and have found one, but I'm a little worried about the situation, and I'd like to get some opinions. My situation (I think) is pretty...
  6. D

    Species and Plucking

    Are Green cheek conure more prone to pluck their feathers than other species from the pionus and poicephalus families?
  7. D

    Feather Plucking

    Are Green Cheek Conures More prone to feather plucking than species from pionus or poicephalus family?
  8. P

    HELP my Quaker is plucking and biting herself!!!!

    I have a one year old quaker parrot. I just took her to the vet a few days ago and they did blood work on her they found nothing, she has a big distructable toy, gets bathes, all that. The vet had me use a soothing spray on her that just seem to make it worst so im stoping use. Is there anyone...
  9. C

    Goffin Seizures help!!

    I have a goffin named Tobie who is 8 years old, I have had her for 6 years. She has always been a very happy bird but recently she has started having seizures when she gets to upset. I have taken her to the vet and they did all the blood work they could on her and found nothing wrong. All...
  10. M

    Ringnecks plucking each other

    Hi, I've got two indian ringnecks that were bought at the same time as babies but lived apart for 6 months or so and have now been in the same cage for roughly another six months. I believe they are siblings, but am not really sure about that. They get along fine. I've noticed them cleaning...
  11. Oedipussrex

    Feather picking help / foraging ideas?

    Hi everyone! I have a male new guinea eclectus Parrot who is just on 2 years of age He had over-preening issues starting from when he went through his first moult, during which he pulled out all the new flight feathers on his previously clipped wing. (i wanted him to grow out and be free...
  12. E

    15 yr old sun conure now plucking!?

    I've had Zowie since she was about 8 months old.... she is now 15 yrs old. This winter she started to get very demanding - screaming for attention even when she is out of the cage! I also noticed she was going down to the cage floor and tearing up papers. I wasn't sure if she was nesting. When...
  13. mandolynn

    Mutilation Syndrome info

    I came across a site that has amazing articles about the causes and treatment of plucking and mutilation in parrots. It contradicts much of what we have all thought and been told by experts about parrot nutrition and digestive and metabolic processes. The explanations and scientific evidence is...
  14. B

    Plucking/Chewing success stories?

    Hello everyone, I've had Darwin, a green cheek conure! for 2 years. Recently, just last week, he started chewing feathers. Never had an issue before. He gets hours outside his cage, frequent baths, toys, etc. He is well loved. He eats Harrison's and has since I brought him home. He gets...
  15. C

    Is my conure molting?

    This is my first bird so I don't know much about molting... She is a green cheek conure and in random places where she chould have vibrant color, you can see little gray feathers. It's all over, her back and head mostly. I see one little pin feather. I have found maybe 6 feathers in the past...
  16. chocotiel

    Is he plucking or molting?

    Hi, I'm considering a 6 year old male Eclectus at a pet store. He has a beautiful green head, a band of gray fuzzy down around his neck, and the rest of his feathers are all nice, wings and tails. He looks a little scruffy on his chest, but it's just mixed colored feathers, not down. The band...