plum head

  1. Abdull

    New Member with a question

    Hi all, I am new here and I have joined your forum to be a part your birds friendly forum to share and learn from some of the stories. We bought a plum-head back in Nov 2022 and he "That's what the owner of the shop said, the bird is a male" was 3 months old. The bird is cute and I have 3...
  2. L

    New member; need help

    Hi, I joined this forum today. I had 3 birds 1. Teil 1 alexnder and 1 plum head, they were completely fine yesterday and were playful, I don't know what happened but they suddenly started collapsing without any secretion from their beak aur nose or anywhere else. They just collapsed and stopped...
  3. O

    Plum Headed Parakeet - Advice Needed

    My wife and I recently put a deposit down on a male plum headed parakeet baby. We currently have an 8 month old female green cheeked conure (pineapple) that has been a joy to live with. There really is next to no information on keeping plum heads as pets on the internet, just a couple videos...
  4. Stacey_Erbay

    unusual feather plucking - Can u help?

    I have an issues that I just cant quiet figure out... Hoping some of you might know. I have a new Plum Head Parakeet and he is just the CUTEST thing ever lived! He was born April 1st 2010, and I have had him about 6 weeks now. WHen I bought him he had been in a fight with some cockatiles and...