1. Kamarro

    And We have some progress here!

    Hey guys! I wanted to give a little update on “training” today my Clyde didn’t want to go back into his cage! It makes me feel so happy that he’s comfortable with me to the extent of not wanting to go back to his cage. 🥰 We’ve been working on step up and he’s nailed that one down and will step...
  2. P

    Mofu Update - Finally Stepping Up

    It's been 28 days since I ended up rescuing Mofu, my red rumped parakeet. While there's still so much we need to build up on, particularly on her confidence, we're proud to say she is finally beginning to figure out how to Step Up. I've found that currently she...
  3. M

    Developments with my CAG

    Hello Again, Since my last post, I have been working hard with Zelda (my CAG) to build up trust between us and also to build up her confidence. For the most part, I think it's going well. I have had her for approximately 11 weeks now. I have been working with her every day, with target...
  4. J

    10 weeks old today!

    Hello everyone, ive really been getting into this site and seeing what people have been posting, even people blogging daily on there little chicks. So, Kiwi is now 10 weeks old! Already growing so fast! My little Ki-Ki is better daily with me, still not to keen coming up to me straight...
  5. A

    Making amazing progress

    I had a nice wonderful surprise this morning from Snowball. Yesterday too, actually. Yesterday morning he was chirping like crazy to a bird outside. It's the first active chirping I've heard from him (minus his 3 quiet ones on Monday) since I got him on Sunday. That was a great sign. Today...
  6. R

    Progress with Cleo!!!!

    Hey everyone sorry I've been absent the past week or so, I had the flu and just wasn't online much. But I am really excited right now. I have had Cleo, (my 2nd kakariki ever owned,) since The end of October. (My recently deceased boy was extremely hand tame since day 1.) However With Cleo, she...