puffed up

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    Puffed up head

    I recently bought a sun conure from a breeder. It's honeymoon period is over by now. It's 8 months old. I call it Habibi ❤️. I always notice its head bobbing as well as its head puffed up always. I hear people saying if a conure is puffed up then it's sick! But it's really super energetic n...
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    Help! I think I might have hurt my cockatiel

    So I came back from taking a shower I just got a cockatiel a couple of days ago and I see that is cage door is open. Hes standing on the floor. I panic and I know hes untamed so I grab a towel and try to cover him but he runs around until I finally pick him up. I'm shaking as I put him in his...
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    Sun Conure bobbing its head, fluffy, and wing flapping.

    Hello, I have two Sun Conures one is named Sonny they have been bobbing their head up and down for the past two days. They also flap their wings out of nowhere really quickly. I’m not sure how old they are because we kind of rescued them. I’m worried that they’re sick and I’m not sure what to...