1. Rico_Tiel

    Check out some of what I have drawn, painted, and some coloring pages I have filled in!

    These are my favorite art pieces! (Excluding the Astronymphicus, it already got its own page) So, here is what I have done! 1. DYHA 2. Blue and Gold Macaw 3. Harlequin Macaw 4. Palawan Peacock Pheasant 5. Lutino Cockatiel 6. Cockatyvern (Cockatiel Wyvern) 7. Military Macaw 8. Blue Footed...
  2. texsize

    Help with baby raven

    I don't know where to start. I expected this to happen but I am not prepared and I don't know what to do. The/A baby raven left the nest today and ended up in my backyard. A backyard filled with feral cats.:17::17: The parents protected the baby (I would say younger than a fledgling but not a...
  3. GracelynNBirds

    Ravens as pets?

    This is a giant IF but I had a few questions about White Necked Ravens. 1. What bar spacing do they need for cage/aviary 2. Does anyone own one and could you tell me your experience and anything extra I need to know? 3. Could you tell me about their diet? 4. What should the layout of the...