red bellied parrot

  1. M

    Red-bellied Parrot behavior change

    Hello, I have a male red-bellied parrot that's 2.5 years old, and we have taken notice of his behavior change every time we return from a short vacation (3 to 5 days). When he was younger, we would bring him to a birdie hotel thinking company of other birds and socialization with human...
  2. florisvb

    Red-belly scared to go into sleeping cage

    Our 1.5 year old red belly, Wasabi, has been happily stepping into his sleeping cage in the evenings for his whole life until the other day when something frightened him. Now he is terrified to go in there. I don't know exactly what triggered it, but it started when I wiped up some spilled...
  3. R

    Red Bellied Parrot - NC

    Hi, I'm looking for a red bellied parrot (preferably male) as a pet. Does anyone know of a breeder working with this species? Would also consider a bird that needs to be rehomed.
  4. leanneblack

    In search of Poicephalus parrot companion

    I'm deeply missing my family's birds and am hoping to find one of my own. I'm hoping for a red bellied, as that is one my family has but would be open to others. I'm located in Portland, OR but willing to travel a reasonable distance. If anyone could point me in the right direction in finding my...
  5. I

    Red Bellied Parrot or Senegal

    Hi all, I'm looking for a female Red Bellied Parrot or a female Senegal. I am looking for a baby, preferably just recently weaned. I am located in Sacramento, CA. If the breeder is in driving distance it would be much preferred. I might also be interested in a young adult, so please don't...
  6. I

    Red-Bellied Parrot Breeders

    Hello all, After lots of thinking and research, I've decided that an amazon would not be a good fit for me... I believe that the noise level, attention requirements, and unpredictability don't mesh with my lifestyle. I am a 2nd year Biochemistry undergrad that is planning on continuing my...
  7. Grraarrgghh

    Peak Volume Of A Hahn's Macaw

    So as you may know, I own a Red Bellied poi, which is highly regarded as the quietest parrot (which of course is still loud, but volume wise they don't get too bad at all). My wife is very interested in buying a Hahn's Macaw, but I'm concerned about the difference in volume. Obviously, two...
  8. C

    Can someone tell me about Red Bellied Parrot?

    I know I should be just going to google and research about them, but right now I just want to ask someboday about em.