1. Robin_Jet

    Cockatiel Vomited

    I was studying in the kitchen when my cockatiel must have thrown up on the other side of the kitchen island. My mom and I were talking and didn't see it happen. It took a second for me to realize the sticky mess, partly clear with a little bit of pinkish orangish stuff in it with what I realized...
  2. C

    Regurgitating caique

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a pair of bonded caiques (a little over a week ago). They have not been encouraged to do any mating behaviors in the past and I don’t want babies, so I have been working to ensure that I don’t do anything that could impact that (only head scratches, 12 hours of...
  3. J

    Sick or normal?

    Hi, we adopted 2 (allegedly) 6 month old female cockatiels Saturday, and we’ve all been getting along great. However, the personality of one has changed the last 2 days, more so today. She seems to be trying to regurgitate a lot with the head/neck bobbing with her mouth open, sometimes little...
  4. D

    My 5 month old ringneck

    My ringneck did the head movement for the first time today i think he had a pretty hefty meal for him but he has never over eaten before he is not vomiting nothing is coming out he is just moving his head and then i see him sort of chewing something in his mouth. Yea and he is around 5 months...
  5. VolcanoBakemeat

    Too Much Bird Love!

    Hi guys, I'm having a weird, kinda gross problem with my best pal. My conure regurgitates a LOT for me; whenever I enter the room, whenever I open his cage, whenever he's done eating his food, etc! He's good at not actually spewing it everywhere, (he just kind of swallows it back down) but I'm...
  6. P

    Female Eclectus

    Hi everyone.....I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I've had my 18 year old female eclectus parrot for 16 years, prior to her coming to me she had health problems and was alway at the vet and on medication and supplements. She has only been ill once or twice since then, she was bitten by...
  7. JennyB

    Carsick or Lovesick???

    I feel stupid even asking, but can you tell the difference when a bird gets carsick vs. lovesick? She has never regurgitated for me before, will be a year old this month, so I'm not sure what just happened... And I don't know if she is a she, just guessing based on her normal behavior...
  8. U

    New and PROUD owner of a Conure. One concern though.

    He's (/she but I consider him a boy so far) not quite a GCC he's one of those slightly more colourful ones (probably still a GCC). He's super friendly and hates being in his cage when I'm around (poor guy paces back and forth till I get him). I try and instill some independence by making him...