1. Z

    Separating Ringneck couple

    Hey I bought a young couple of ringnecks last year, i think they're are 2 years old, Frank and Betty, the male hasn't developped his ring yet(which means he hasn't reached maturity) I wanted to have some babies this year, but it doesn't look like they will, at least till next year. I also bought...
  2. K

    Ringneck hatch time

    Hi I have a pair of yellow IRN. On 20/2 they laid their first egg. From that day i decided to not disturb their nest until the 23 days that the eggs needed to hatch passed. I kept feeding them daily. I checked their nest on day 23 that the chicks were supoosed to hatch and there was nothing...
  3. malibu

    breeding indian ringnecks in indoor cage pls help

    breeding indian ringnecks in indoor cage please help? Hello I have bought a bonded pair of blue ringnecks from a local pet shop who had them breeding in a cage in the shop , we have now got them in our bedroom and put a nesbox on the side which is 12inch square and 24inch deep with mesh ladder...