rose breatsed cockatoo

  1. K

    Diary of a Galah cockatoo (RB2)

    Hi everyone. I'm here shamelessly plugging my blog. I have a Galah called Kynuna, I have a website blogging my life being owned by a Galah/Rose breasted cockatoo. It'll cover everything from training, toys, caging, play stands, foods and much much more I'm sure. I also have a FB page and...
  2. Featheredsamurai

    Video of Rosie spazzing out/squaking

    I love when Rosie does her happy wings + squawking, she's now doing this about 3 times a week in the evening. On accident I'm covering the microphone on my camera for the first part so you'll have to turn it up, in the third clip make sure to turn it back down or it will be loud lol Rosie's...