safe bird food

  1. F

    puffed grains safe for birds?

    has anyone fed puffed grains to their birds? i used to eat them a lot, and have recently thought about offering some to my green cheeks! i think that they might like the texture. any opinions on them? are they safe? ( for reference, here's a pic of puffed kamut, but there are more like puffed...
  2. K

    is it safe for Alexandrines to eat some human food?

    Hi everyone. I have a very spoilt 2yold Alexandrine called Baz. Each time he sees you with food he expects you to share!!! I read up on the net that they cannot eat chocolate and avocados so he doesn't eat them. Every night a dinner we have 5 dinner plates for the family plus one small plastic...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Are this safe to feed to parrots?

    *********************menadione sodium bisulfite complex******************* I haven't read anything but scary stuff about this, such as this typical info: "has been banned from use in food and supplements for human use in many European countries due to serious side effects, including permanent...