1. T

    the happening of the squeeky vacuume wheel

    So, my pi Eva is quite vocally talented. At only 4 months old she actually impresses me. Although, in the midst of teaching her not to screech when I leave the room, our wonderful old vacuume decided to bestow upon us a squeeky wheel.. now, the great part about this, is that this wheel actually...
  2. J

    LuLu's calling behavior seems to be getting worse

    So 2 days ago i ended up moving again. But this time i just moved across the hall to a bigger apartment (same layout, but extra bedroom). The move took maybe 2 hours so I don't think LuLu was all that phased by the move. But now LuLu seems to be way more clingy. She will do her call whenever I...
  3. Joshuwaaa

    What happened?! Green Cheek

    Hey, About 2 months ago I bought Cricket, my green cheek conure. He has been such a nice bird, learning step up and getting used to people. He's been doing really well getting used to us and being a generally lovely bird. Today however, completely out of the blue, hes been screaming?! like...