screaming at company

  1. M

    I don’t know what my parrot wants

    Hello everyone, I have a 3 month mustache parakeet, which I adopted three days ago. He constantly screams and I don’t know why. He has toys and foraging opportunities, which he uses and he gets enough food. Still he screams really really loud (I had Hahns macaws in the past and he is on their...
  2. Lindylou277

    B&G (Coqui) becomes anxious Screams when hearing noise

    Hi All, I inherited Coqui from my 93y/o mother in law at Christmas time. I'm a first time owner and Coqui is around 10 years old. We have all had to adjust to each other and are doing OK. I'm still having a problem with the screaming. No problem with the morning and evening "call of the wild"...