screaming at night

  1. PockyMommy

    My Poor Baby

    I just got the most adorable baby gc. He's adjusted to his cage, runs back and forth at the bottom when he wants attention and we give it to him when he stops. But for some odd reason tonight when he fell asleep we had accidentally left the lights on. So we turned it off and he started going...
  2. C

    My cockatoo thinks she's an owl.

    Hello, My names Robyn And I have been told this is a great place to get advice, so heres goes. I have a 11 year old umbrella Cockatoo, Ricky. I Dont know what sex was told male but pretty sure female. I have had Ricky for 5 years going on six in august. She has a set routine this is generally...
  3. Jessica M

    Night screaming Indian Ringneck

    I just got a 2 year old female Indian Ringneck parakeet,she is quiet for the most part during the day but when the sun starts going down she starts squeaking.Then when the sun is fully set she starts making a "car alarm" sound well that's what i call it its her loudest call.Does anyone else's...