seed blend

  1. Rico_Tiel

    Seed Blends?

    anyone got any seed blend recommendations for my 'tiel? I feed a pelleted diet of Psittacus and Harrison's and his current seed blend I use as a treat but it doesn't have a whole lot of variety (mainly millet, oats, and safflower seeds). I can't seem to find any seed blends that are varied and...
  2. L

    Seed mix suggestions

    I have a 40-year-old rescue B&G and she will not eat pellets. I have been trying to find a mix that doesn't have a lot of shells in it. I have been giving her Goldenfeast, which she eats, but I would like to give her something with a little bit more size to it. For attention, she will scoop...
  3. K

    A little weird but i can see why.. i guess?

    so here in california there is an exotic bird franchise (or so i believe) called Omars exotics. Ive nevr really had a problem with them and this post is not meant to attack them or anything, but i recently noticed that in there seed blends they include cat kibble? I cant recall the percent but...
  4. Lullx

    Drs Foster & Smith Blends? (& CAG pellet help!)

    I give my monsters a low-seed mix as one of their meals, usually midday or at night before I put them away. First meal of the day is their chop, then pellets later in the day, and fresh veggies at random to change things up. The blend I get currently is a bag-it-yourself by the pound affair...