seed to pellet

  1. dancing_conure

    Is Vetafarm a good brand?

    Hey guys :) So the thing is... I live in Australia and its been really hard to find a good pellet brand that I can actually buy here. I've tried Harrisons, TOP's, Zupreem and Roudybush but they are only available in one or two online stores and have crazy shipping prices. I've seen lots of...
  2. clark_conure

    Protips for switching from seeds to pellets.

    So my new bird zod was on seeds, of course I'm trying to switch him over to pellets like clark eats. I've mixed them in in decreasing amounts but I even caught clark eating a seed instead of zod switching over. I was like clark noes!!!!! I've held a pellet out and zod will bite and chew on the...