1. Rico_Tiel

    Spring Cage Setup!

    This is Rico’s spring/summer cage! This cage is sadly not fit for outdoor use (the top can be picked off by a raven or a magpie even and it could topple over if a dog or cat leaned against it so it will not be used outside) so I will be using his flight cage for his sunning time! It is like...
  2. Ezekiell

    Advice in cage setup

    Hi everyone! We’re now preparing in earnest for when our feathered baby comes home (a few weeks to go yet!). I’ve now set up the cage and given it a good scrub with vinegar solution, and washed all the perches off with the same. Now I’m trying to arrange his things into a suitable setup (before...
  3. R

    HE IS HERE!!!! need opinions

    well I got my 4yr old GCC today named Ringo we left at 7:30am to make the 5hr journey to get him his previous owner passed away so he was in foster care im already in love. He came with his cage and toys so I need opinions on his set up does he need more less what I could add, tips on getting...