1. K4rest

    Severe Head Trauma - what would you do?

    I apologize up front because this may be long. My 6 year old green cheek had a freak accident. He was taken to the vet (with an avian specialist on hand) and has been there for 6 days. From what we've been told, xrays show no breaks, no spinal compression, airsac is fine. Bird is concussed...
  2. B

    Hahn's or Severe?

    I recently bought the below, the shop owner said that it's a Severe Macaw , but I'm not sure, as it's beak is too light. Can anyone tell the difference at this age? (6 weeks)
  3. F

    Meant to be?

    Hello everyone. I'm a relatively new member although I've been a lurker for MONTHS prior to finally deciding on purchasing a bird (research research research!). Some of you might have seen my introductory post on the New Members thread a few months back, but for those of you who haven't I'd like...
  4. X

    Hello! (Again?)

    Hello, everyone! Did I already introduce myself? My name is Dani. I live in New England and I have a Severe Macaw. She is 7 years old (I think) and spunky! I also have a standard poodle; he knows the bird is boss, despite their significant size difference! I am on because I am on because I...
  5. Time For A Close Up :-)

    Time For A Close Up :-)

    Meet Salsa up close and personal, i love my fid ;-)