1. T

    Adopted budgies, regretting it?

    I adopted 2 budgies a couple days ago, and I had been thinking about it for about a month (after my previous budgie passed away). I thought I was ready for the commitment, but I don’t think I am. I want to bring them back to the shelter I got them from, (The ARL, they have a 30 day refund...
  2. L

    Where can i rescue a parrot around Seattle?

    Hey everybody, so here I am at 3 am browsing internet because I decided i want a birdie=) After doing toons of research, few trips to local bird store, it seems that an african grey would be the perfect fit for me. Being in college full time, I cannot spend 4 grand on a bird, so i was looking...
  3. Kae

    What to do about a clingy cockatiel?

    Hey again! My beautiful tiel Artemis, who I rescued from the shelter, is finally bonding to me! Unfortunately, I can't spend every waking minute with him, I have things to do, but he is suddenly clingy and doesn't want to be alone with only my lovies. He is fussy when I put him down and his...