should i?

  1. D

    Should I adopt a parrot

    I'm new to this forum so sorry if I am in the wrong section or the format is wrong. Anyways I have wanted to adopt/buy a medium-sized parrot for a few years now. I have had experience with parrots before (budgies, cockatiels, rainbow lorikeets). I am moving to Ottawa for University next year and...
  2. Stacey254

    Should I try to adopt a swearing feather plucking Amazon?

    Hi Everyone :-) I really need some guidance. I have 2 GCC's and 2 Budgies that I've had for a few years, so little experience. I would like to move up to a larger parrot that prefers me. I found an Amazon locally with some issues. Age unknown, swears like a sailor, plucks feathers, prefers...