sinus infection

  1. M

    Can you get sinus infection from a bird????

    Hi everyone I just got back from my doc. Seems I got a bad sinus infection that he blamed in on fact that 3 times when my Quaker was on me she tried to groom my nose, and I pulled her away. He said her getting her tongue inside my nostrils even for a second was enough to spread avian germs...
  2. S

    a very sick hahns

    :green: hi there... Please can someone advise me I'm at a loss with my baby... He has had a respiratory tract infection for 2 weeks :( He has been on doxycyl antibiotics for 2 weeks and is still all blocked...strange thing is he is still talking and eating... Please help
  3. merlinsmom13

    Off to the vet

    For several years Merlin has had a summer allergy problem. The first year we saw 2 vets, lots of tests, many types & doses of antibotics, nothing seemed to change. In the fall, he's back to perfect. This year it feels different. The other nite, he woke me up w/what I can only call snoring...