1. lmwilson428

    Cage sizes... Help!!

    I am looking to buy a new cage for my Sun Conure Mango. Right now he is in a 21" x 16" x 23" (W x D x L). The cage I am leaning towards is 32" x 23" x 37", but wonder if 24" x 20" x 34.75" would be good for less money and occuping space. I know bigger is better, but does a conure need that much...
  2. C

    Please help!!

    Hi, I'm looking at the Kings Aluminium Cage which is the size 33x25 for my Galah Cockatoo or African Grey. Is this too small? It's the biggest they have. I was going to get the arch top but I want to make sure it is okay... This is it: King's Cages - Avian and Pet Bird Cages, Supplies, Food...