1. E

    Is this ok?

    my male conure enjoys sitting on me and recently has gotten very comfortable…. too comfortable. Hes falling asleep! Though its cute I want to make sure im not re-enforcing bad/frowned upon behavior by letting him continue.
  2. Zzzzzzz.....


    Don't wake the sleeping dragon... you may never live to tell us how it went.
  3. florisvb

    Red-belly scared to go into sleeping cage

    Our 1.5 year old red belly, Wasabi, has been happily stepping into his sleeping cage in the evenings for his whole life until the other day when something frightened him. Now he is terrified to go in there. I don't know exactly what triggered it, but it started when I wiped up some spilled...
  4. J

    Sick or normal?

    Hi, we adopted 2 (allegedly) 6 month old female cockatiels Saturday, and we’ve all been getting along great. However, the personality of one has changed the last 2 days, more so today. She seems to be trying to regurgitate a lot with the head/neck bobbing with her mouth open, sometimes little...
  5. I

    Cockatiel sleeping at the bottom of his cage

    Hi, so i just got my first cockatiel (yay) i was so happy, but when it was night, he decided to sleep at the bottom cage, is this normal? my friend (whom owns a cockatiel too) says its normal for them.
  6. S

    Conure biting out of curiosity?

    I just got my little Nico (Green Cheek Conure) yesterday and he's quite the rascal! I've just got a couple of questions. Nico is super active some of the time (flipping upside down, bobbing his head up and down, walking around) but spends a substantial amount of time with his feathers...
  7. E

    Normal napping? Or sleeping too much?

    Hi there, Just had a couple questions about normal amount of napping times. Sometimes i worry my birds nap too much. I have a 22 year old ringneck dove and a 4 year old house sparrow. I wake them both up around 7:20 am. (Although im sure they can hear me moving around and maybe wake up as...
  8. B

    Budgie Benny needs your help

    Hi, I would really appreciate your help, since we don't have avian vet in our city. My little budgie "Benny" is sick. He is 6 months old. 7 days ago diarrhea started, on that day he was given green salad. But since diarrhea started he is off vegetables and fruits, just eating his seeds. Since...
  9. K

    No Head tucking?

    You're always so helpful thank you, I'm back with another question!! So You'll probably know it's about Lilly, my Pineapple Conure! I've had her since September last year... and not once has she slept with her head tucked like all the guides online tell me they should. She sleeps upright...
  10. walterbyrd

    Lovebird sleeping way too much - lethargic

    My lovebird, Lucky, usually has regular sleeping patterns. Today, she slept practically all day. When she slept, she was in a very deep sleep. And when she was awake, she was lethargic. Also, she seems to have lost her appetite. She is an obsessive nester, and may be trying to lay an egg...
  11. EVbaby

    Baby sun conure sleeping behavior. NORMAL?

    Hello fellow conure lovers! I have an 8 weeks old baby sun conure that I've had with me for almost a week now. She's constantly chirping, flapping her wings, & bobbing her head even after I've fed her. She continues to do this when she's falling asleep... is it normal? She'll close her eyes but...
  12. B

    Sun Conure not sleeping in his bed???

    I have my baby boy named rocky :-) he's a cutie Re refuses to sleep in his bed I had him a bird nest box, a tent bed, a bit of soft fabric for him to sleep next to. And nothing he just sleeps on his perch. I'm worried because we will be coming into winter soon and I don't want him to freeze to...
  13. christine

    Health Concern: Lovebird Rocking Back & Forth with Open Mouth?

    Hey guys, I just picked up my birds from a boarding facility after a weekend trip. They screen the boarding facility for all major bird diseases and its a really high quality place. Since being brought home, my female lovebird has been sleep/chirping on the heated perching rod. I went to...
  14. WannaBeAParrot

    Where do your birds sleep?

    Do they sleep in a hut, inside cage, special sleeping cage, on your bed, etc.? if he is at his cage (great rm) for the night, he sleeps on top back perch next to fuzzy snuggle buddy on one side and pulls a stainless mirror with bell to his other side and sandwiches himself between them...
  15. PockyMommy

    My Poor Baby

    I just got the most adorable baby gc. He's adjusted to his cage, runs back and forth at the bottom when he wants attention and we give it to him when he stops. But for some odd reason tonight when he fell asleep we had accidentally left the lights on. So we turned it off and he started going...
  16. S

    Sleeping place for my Zon?

    I adopted a conure and a Red Lored Amazon within a month of each other and was advised to put a fuzzy little "tent" inside my conures cage. He loves it and snuggles inside it when he's ready to sleep! Nothing was mentioned about a special sleeping area for my Amazon - he's got great branches and...
  17. U

    question/poll about sleepy lovebirds

    1.) Does your lovebird grind his beak before he goes to sleep? I've had two out of three do this, and I was wondering if it was the species I have (fischer) or if it was just a general lovebird behavior and my peachfaced was the exception. Also, when your birds were babies, how much did they...
  18. mnsalani

    Sleeping arrangements for a new AG

    Hello, We may be bringing in a new AG to our abode sometime within the next two to three weeks and I would like to learn as much as I can to make the adjustment as easy and comfortable as possible for our new featherbaby. So I have some quick questions! Where, and on what, does your bird...
  19. bells

    Charlie having a nap on the couch!

    Aint he sweet!!!?? Posted this on facebook and got very worried replies- he looks less than alive! Lol! I can assure everyone he is fine after his power nap :rolleyes:[IMG]