1. Jesse_EG

    Smelly Poops, Lots of tests, No Answers

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had smelly poops that vets have had a hard time diagnosing and what they did to get back to normal. My African Grey (CAG) has been with us for about 6 years now and he is about 12. In June we had a full physical and wellness exam that he came out with...
  2. K

    Cockatiel egg laying and diarrhea?!

    My cockatiel lays many unfertelized eggs and because of this she has smelly diarrhea. Even when she is not laying much eggs, the poop is not healthy and is big and watery... My mom tells me that I should give her away but there's obviously no one who would want a bird like that. I don't know...
  3. A

    Smelly Female Lovebird?

    Hello, Before I explain the issue, I want to tell everyone yes I found her abandoned in the wild before taking her in, printed out fliers for her and added her to "lost and found" in the newspaper, took her to the vet they said she checked out fine and no one ever claimed her so now shes...