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    World’s Rarest Snake, the St. Lucia Racer (Population 11), is Rediscovered

    Hi All, The St. Lucia Racer or Ornate Ground Snake, Liophis ornatus, has the unenviable distinctions of being both the world’s rarest snake and the species with the smallest range…it may even be the rarest creature on the planet. The entire population – 11 individuals at last count – is...
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    Snake Conservation Groups Name 2013 as Year of the Snake; Snake Studies a Priority; V

    Hi All, In 2010, I highlighted a study that documented steep declines in a number of snake species. Despite disturbing similarities to the “Disappearing Amphibian Crisis”, the snake situation seems not to have generated widespread concern. In my own career as a herpetologist...
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    Round Island Boas Reintroduced after a 150 Year Absence

    Hi All, Some promising news about an endangered species…for a change! Please let me know your thoughts – is the program worthwhile? Mauritius, an island nation off the coast of southeast Africa, is best known to naturalists as the site of the Dodo Bird’s extinction (Mauritius also is...