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    Anybody in West London want to do a bird meet up?

    Bobo is my 3 year old Galah and I'd love her to meet another bird. She's desperate to make friends with the pigeons in the garden, but they have none of it! I'm in Twickenham, so if anyone within a 30 mile radius of this would like to meet up with their bird, please let me know, I'm of course...
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    7 Week Eastern Rosella / Very Social

    Hi, So i got my first parrot (rosella) and I got him at 5 weeks and he is now at around 7 weeks old. I have been spending almost all my time with him. I take him to work every day and i made a home made perch (not in a cage) where he just stays near me while I work (i work in an office on a...