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  1. E

    Socializing Linnies

    I work at a pet store - let’s get past that, I have good intentions to take care of what comes my way. My boss just brought in a pair of Linnies who are babies and very hand shy. She said they need work, and told me to pick them up and hold them against my chest to get them used to being...
  2. B

    Help with 4 mo old Lineolated

    Hi, I’ve somehow found myself with a 4 month old Lineolated parakeet who was not hand fed as a baby. Any advice on how to bond/socialize with it? I’m just keeping his cage next to me for now. He won’t come near me but seems to be getting comfortable moving about etc with the cage door open. All...
  3. S

    My birds dont like spending time outside the cage

    I have two budgies, salt and pepper. I've had them for nearly 2 years and I first took them out of the cage nearly a year ago. Since then, I have been taking them out and training them and giving them seeds almost every day. But they always go back inside after 15-20 minutes. I know they need...
  4. BAMM17

    Questions/Thoughts on Territory and Defensive Behavior

    I have an approx. 1.7 year old Blue Crown and there are defensive behaviors in certain situations that I have questions about the normality of and how or if I should deal with. Generally, he is not an aggressive or hard-to-handle bird (to his "flock" members); He does occasionally play "rough"...
  5. N

    Need any advice in socializing an Amazon

    So my boyfriends Mom has an Amazon Parrot named Teddy. We believe he was abused in his previous home as he hates all males and will go out of his way to bite. His favorite person is my boyfriend's Mom. However, he seems to tolerate me well enough. He takes fruits and veggies from my hand. Has...
  6. Itsohkai

    Socialization Tips?

    Blaze is my (nearly) 3-year old Sun Conure. I'd like to help him get more used to people so I hope someone will be able to help me out. Let me give a little backstory to make things clearer. When I first got him, his wings had been clipped so I wasn't worried about him flying away from me and...