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    Questions about caging 2 new budgies together

    Hello all, Let me start by saying that while I have had a few birds in my life, I can only remember one time where I ever had 2 birds in 1 cage, and that transition went very smoothly. I recently purchased 2 budgies, both around 5-6 months old. 1 male, 1 female. I purchased them both from a...
  2. M

    Baby lovebird question

    what food can i offer a baby lovebird (3 weeks) that i am currently co-parenting? i want to offer food while they're out of the nest socialising, to help with the bonding process? thanks
  3. C

    Help socializing neglected(?) red-fronted Amazon?

    Hi guys, I'm not technically a parrot owner...I've owned parakeets and finches in the past, but no large birds, and have no experience with them. However, I recently moved into a new house with several roommates. One of them is a bit of a "fashion" pet owner and gets cute or interesting animals...
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    Preventing "one person bird" when you live alone

    So I've had MICKEY for a couple months now and we're just now starting to form a bond. He likes hanging out with me now and he's with me more than he is in his cage. While I am loving this bonding time, I'm a little concerned about him becoming a one person bird. And one challenge is that it's...
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    What do you suggest I do to make sure Edgar grows into a properly socialized bird?

    I'll be getting my hand fed baby Timneh grey Edgar in 2-4 weeks. I was hoping that once it warmed up and we had bonded a bit I could take him with me on occasion. There's a park near where I live that would be perfect for him. how do you think I should go about exposing him to different people...
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    Looking for other Brevard County FL Parrot Parents!

    I just wanted to let any Brevard County or other interested Central Florida "Parrot Parents" about a new Meet-Up group. It's called Parrot Parents of Brevard. The group will host events once or twice a month; some FID Friendly and some just for the know...when they need a break...
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    new OW owner

    :green:Hello everyone. Newbie here to this forum. I just adopted (2 months ago) a 16 year old male (supposedly, no DNA papers or leg band) OW amazon named Peppi. I was told he is aprox 16 years old and has had 4 owners so far. (I plan to be his last move/owner) When I got him he had never been...