1. V

    Amazon sounds and meaning

    I ended up saving an Amazon parrot from someone who bought one and didn’t have any patience and only wanted a parrot that talks. He’s seems young, but he’s always making this chirping sound and Im wondering if he makes it when happy. He does it a lot when I let him out of his cage to explore
  2. Dois

    How do you acclimate an Eclectus to certain sounds (mine screams when she hears beeping)

    Hello, I have very young Eclectus (~4 months old) and she always lets out a few loud screams when she hears any beeping (turning on the aircon, microwave, etc.) Now, it isn't much screaming and I don't mind it much, but it's very loud and I presume it's because she's afraid. Is there a...
  3. A

    Why are my green cheeks making this sound???

    The infamous "eee eee eee" "care alarm" rapid fire chip sound. What the heck does it mean, and how do I make it STOP???? I bought my BF two 9 month old green cheeks for Christmas. 1 has been sexed and is male. Loki (common coloration) is very calm and well-behaved. He's great with us and steps...
  4. B

    immitating sounds

    Birds pick up noises they hear around them- I know. However, I can't whistle and there are a few other noises (rather than just words) that I'd like my Green Cheek to learn, but I can't find any videos online that I can play on repeat to encourage my bird to learn. Does anyone have any ideas...