1. E

    Just me, my boys and apartment living

    Hi there! I thought its about time to introduce my family. I am surrounded by testosterone. My husband, a 4 year old and a 22 year old. All of which are demanding, get loud and are always making a mess. Our feathered family consists of a 22 year old ring neck dove.(You wouldnt know it by...
  2. ann

    Sick Sparrow need help

    hello, so I just found a fully feathered sparrow in the road. she is in a sleepy like state, she wont keep her eyes open for long and is very limp and listless but still alive. her feathers are smooth and clean, but she was sitting in her poo. Im going to give her a little plain pedalyte with...
  3. ann

    Emergency- I have a baby bird

    hi everyone, when i came home from school today, my friend gave me a shoe box with a baby bird in it. I know not to take in fledgling birds, I wasn't there when they took it. At this point, it was 10:00 pm (i had career night at school) so it was too late to put it back, and too late to give it...