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special needs

  1. N

    Hello from Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania!

    :62:Hi all! My name is Julia and together with my husband and a handful of volunteers we run a small sanctuary for special needs parrots. We have 25 avian members in the asylum LOL! 3 male Budgies (The 3 spoogers) - Dude, B.B. & Sprite, 2 Greys (girls) - Magii (CAG) & Voodoo(TAG), 4 'toos -...
  2. J

    Got my new conure today

    So if you saw my other thread about the conure dying right after the cockatiel, you probably know I haven't had a good week. Luckily the vet told us the conure died from a heart defect, as the cockatiel most likely did. So the breeder replaced our conure with another conure named knuckles. He is...