1. Jayson_Black

    Lice - Mite Treatments for Non-Tamed Eclectus

    So we have a pair of Eclectus that we have been slowly trying to tame or rather "trust us". They kind of do, we have a great relationship, but at a distance. By that I mean they interact with us, so long as we don't try to touch them. My wife fairs better than me with this as she is the one who...
  2. C

    Bug Spray and Birds

    Dear All: I have a Quaker parakeet named Jet, and I am moving into an apartment next month. My main concern is that b/c it's Southern Louisiana, all the landlords at 1st Lake apartments say that they must spray 4 times a year. Is there anyway I can protect my baby? What if they don't tell me...
  3. F

    Bird product killed my bird

    Our wonderful happy and healthy lovebird, Bella, died today from a bird wash shampoo. Bird Bath Spray by Four Paws We read the instructions and followed it to the tee immediately after spraying it on her we could tell that she wasn't acting normal so we quickly rinsed it off of...