1. Fauna

    Conure strutting and squawking?

    Yooo its been awhile since ive posted here haha. Not sure if i should be posting this in general or specifically in the conure section, but im assuming this behavior goes for all parrots. Is there any specific reason why he does this? He seems happy and gets comfy afterwards so i dont think its...
  2. S

    Help! African Ringneck won't make a noise after 1 1/2 months since coming home

    Hello I am new here since I am a new parrot owner. I took the time and dedication to study before getting a parrot. I got my Coco from Craigslist about a month and a half ago. He is an African ringneck about 10 months old. I have a cage, toys, and perches. He is able to be out and about all day...